Introductory Blacksmithing Class

3 hours - With an emphasis on reinforcing safety and proper tool use, each student will work their way through several hook projects that begins with a simple square bar and end in beautiful hooks.  These hooks are a great way to begin blacksmithing because they all follow the same process (taper, tip, scroll and twist) but result in different looking hooks with different ends.  If time permits, we can also divert into other small projects that interest the student like ā€œjā€ hooks (which are screwed into a wall) or candy cane holiday ornaments. 

This introductory class focuses on fundamentals and students will have the opportunity to learn many of the 7 basic blacksmithing skills (drawing, tapering, scrolling, twisting, punching, splitting and welding).

Students leave this class feeling they have accomplished something worthwhile and many continue onto other classes where they tackle a wide variety of more complex projects. 

I usually ask students to purchase and review one book prior to class (about $20 with shipping).  If the students are in the same family, they can share the book.  I refer to this book in this and subsequent classes so it is good to have your own copy.  It was foundational to my learning and I refer back to it all the time, so my hope is that it will be useful to you for years to come.  

The Backyard Blacksmith by Lorelie Sims:

Enrollment is by prior approval only (class is in the Mount Vernon area, forge address will be provided upon enrollment). Cost is $100/student/3-hr session with a two student minimum (unless prior approval is granted).