Custom Blacksmithing Class

3 hours - With an emphasis on reinforcing safety and proper tool use, each student will work their way through a custom project of their choice.  These custom projects are often used for gifts or other purposes and are a great way to learn blacksmithing because the student is generally more motivated to work on a project of their choosing. 

Students leave this class feeling they have accomplished something worthwhile and many continue onto other classes where they tackle a wide variety of more complex projects. 

As in all BFAW classes, this class will focus on reinforcing blacksmithing fundamentals and students will have the opportunity to learn many of the 7 basic blacksmithing skills (drawing, tapering, scrolling, twisting, punching, splitting and welding).

Either The BFAW Introductory Blacksmithing or Leaf Hook Class is a prerequisite before this custom class can be scheduled. Enrollment is by prior approval only (class is in the Mount Vernon area, forge address will be provided upon enrollment). Cost is $100/student/3-hr session with a two student minimum (unless prior approval is granted).